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It all starts with a Credit card. A credit card that gives you the sudden buying power and confidence to afford things whether you can personally pay it off before its due date or not. In a country like Canada where it is imperative to have a credit card to make your credit history, more and more Canadians are falling in this trap. The economic picture is simply not pretty with Canadians being laid off at an alarming rate, careless spending habit with over-budget, the real estate market crashing, and the stock markets losing ground daily, many Canadians are on the financial brink.

Are you in danger of losing your home? Are you having difficulty making your car payment? Is your credit card debt becoming a problem? Are you struggling with a heavy debt load, with barely enough money to live on? You are not alone! Every year, about 100,000 individuals in Canada seek financial assistance.

Are your problems typical of the most common causes of debt problems in Canada? You may recognize these in your own case:

- Loss of income, from job loss or a personal business failure.
- Too much student loan debt to repay on your income.

- Debts from coping with an accident or serious illness, in the family or your own.



Start with a free consultation – where we will provide you with a professional and objective assessment of your current financial situation. Our Certified Counselors will help you discover exactly where you are in terms of your debt load – and work out a realistic plan to get you back on track.


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